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Juan Vasquez The story behind the music

Shall I begin like David Copperfield? "I was born, I grew up.."

I'll begin by telling you that I come from a very old and colourful place. I was born and raised in Lima - Peru therefore I always kept a great connection with the pacific ocean, after all, I spent most of my childhood years contemplating its magnificence...

Living in such dynamic environment has had great influence in the way I perceive life and in the way I try to express myself, 'fast adaptation' became a necessary skill...

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Mobile fruits stand
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Informal newspaper kiosk
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"Javier Prado" express way
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"Old Lima" street view

Moving to the north and personal development

I've always been fascinated by the process of communicating through different creative ways, perhaps inspired by the work my older sister (and senior graphic designer). I decided to follow in her footsteps and studied Graphic Design in Lima.

In 2002, I was given the great opportunity to move to Montreal. Since then I have experienced the magic of this place and I have learned to blend into such wonderful culture. I decided to pursue my career by studying Web Developing focusing on the interface design.